About us, writers and storytellers

Twelve days is rather short  to celebrate  Christmas properly, don't you think? In our hometown, the Snow Mountain in the far north, we have winter festivities year round. We spend our evenings with storytelling. Aurora, Santa's wife, loves to read to us from her fairytale book. We elves and gnomes - and I myself have the honor to be an angel - adore listening to her, in the great cave, our living room which has a huge Christmas tree in its center. I wonder, how does one spend the gloomy dark days beyond the Christmas season when one is not blessed to live at Santa's place? And then the thought came to me, perhaps Southerners could better endure the long suspence if we Northeners share our stories. So I decided to publish them.

I wish you the best of luck surviving the boring days outside the winterseason and I hope our stories can sooth your pain.

Kind regards, Michaela

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In The Magic Lantern you will find fairytales, Christmas stories and other fantastic narratives. Most are in Dutch, a selection will be translated in English and can be found in the menu above (Stories).